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The MCA use a network of Approved Doctors in the UK and around the globe to issue UK seafarers with their ENG 1 Medical Fitness Certificate. 

To find an Approved Doctor please select from the following:

Approved Doctors: UK based                              

Approved Doctors: Overseas

Approved Doctors can carry out seafarer medical fitness examinations on any seafarer. For further guidance click here

Some companies with ships on the UK Ship Register may apply to the MCA's Medical Administration Team for their company appointed doctor to be approved to carry out medical fitness assessments on their own employees. 

Company Doctors are: 

  • appointed at the request of companies with vessels on the UK Ship Register, subject to the MCA Chief Medical Advisor's scrutiny of qualifications and experience; 
  • only able to do medicals on those employed by the shipping company; and 
  • expected to provide a full occupational medical standard for the shipping company. 

Approved Doctors: Shipping Companies        

Approved Doctors: Healthcare Providers

All Approved Doctors must be registered with the General Medical Council of Great Britain and have a current Licence to Practice, or be qualified from a Medical School listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. Their appointment as an MCA Approved Doctor is reviewed annually by the MCA's Chief Medical Advisor.

Continuation of approval will be based on continued need, as indicated by the number of examinations carried out - normally a minimum of 50 seafarers' medical examinations per year, and on compliance with MCA standards and procedures. Approved Doctors are appointed to carry out seafarers' medical examinations from the premises listed. The approval is not transferrable to another address or location. 

Further information on how to become an Approved Doctor.