Frequently Asked Questions

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There are a number of questions that we are asked.  Below are the most common that we receive: 

How can I speed up my application?

We can expedite applications where Seafarers are required to return to sea, in this case your employer will need to  provide us with your details and the date for which you are required to return to sea.  After receiving all the details we can look to speed up the application.

How do I request return of my original documents?

We can return your Original Documents once we have received your application if you require them back in order to work. We will take attested copies of the documents and process your application.

The best way to request these documents to be returned is by emailing us once we have your application. You will need to confirm whether you want your documents returned by regular mail, which is free of charge or by courier service which can be tracked.  Using this service incurs a fee depending on the address that they are being sent to. 

Can I send documents as scanned copies through email?

We are unable to accept electronic copies of applications of documents currently. You must therefore complete the relevant form and submit with associated documentation to the stated address on the form.

Why are my updated training course certificate not accepted by MCA.

Please see section 5 of MIN 535 for the acceptance of various courses.  It may be the case that your updated training courses have not been completed under the authority of a Country that we can accept them from.

I have sent my advanced STCW certificates, why do I need to submit my basic STCW certificates in addition?

It is a requirement as of the 1st January 2017,  that in order to work at sea as well as gain a licence, revalidate a licence or upgrade a licence, you must have completed the updated training relevant to the licence you hold.

The advanced training does not automatically include the basic training, therefore the two basic training courses must be updated every five years regardless of the advanced Courses.

I have submitted my discharge book, what else do I need to submit to prove my sea service?

For most applications we require two forms of evidence supporting the sea service declared.

Exceptions include yacht applications where the sea service has been verified by the Professional Yachting Association (PYA) or Nautilus International. 

Revalidation applications only require one form of evidence for revalidation applications. 

Where can I find the list of MCA Approved Training Providers and approved doctors?

You can find a full list of MCA Approved Training Providers for many courses here

You can find a list of approved ENG 1 doctors in the UK here.

You can find a list of approved ENG 1 doctors based outside the UK here.

You can find an approved MCA medical that is equivalent to an ENG 1 here.

Guidance for shipowners regarding seafarers affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

This notice provides guidance on the extension of Ukrainian Certificates of Competency (CoC) in line with IMO Circular Letter No. 4232/Add. 16 (please see annex A of this Notice) and an update on UK Flag State Endorsements (FSE) for holders of a CoC issued by Ukraine.

Click here to view MIN 674(M)