Discharge Books and British Seaman's Card

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Discharge Books and British Seaman's Card

A Discharge Book is a continuous record of a seafarer's service and is not a proof of identity. It is a requirement that seafarers working on UK flagged ships or large yachts have a UK Discharge Book or one that is issued by one of the Governments listed in MSF 4509.  

A British Seaman's Card (BSC) is an internationally accepted document which allows a British seafarer to land at foreign ports without needing a visa.  An applicant for a BSC must be a British citizen. 

Application for a UK Discharge Book or a British Seaman's Card: MSF 4509

The guidance notes in the application form show who is eligible for a UK Discharge Book. 

Applications for Discharge Books can be made either by post or in person. 

For enquiries about postal applications please contact Registry of Shipping and Seamen; Telephone Number: +44 (0) 2920 448844 or email