Approval of Education and Training

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Short Course Approval

Course Approvals in the UK should be directed to your local Marine Office. Online and Overseas Course Approval requests should be directed to Seafarer Training & Certification Branch

Its is fully expected that any training provider should meet the requirements specified in the course criteria developed by the Merchant Navy Training Board (MNTB) in conjunction with the MCA prior to application. The policy adopted is to focus on achievement of the outcomes of training and to give the training centre flexibility to design their own courses, based on a common framework that meets the requirements applicable to the STCW code.

The full requirement to become a short course provider can be found in MSN 1865 annex F. 


MCA Nautical College Approval

If you wish to obtain approval to become a MCA approved Nautical College delivering courses leading to the issuance of a STCW Certificate of Competence, please refer to annex G of MSN 1856. In some cases, there are collaborative schemes (1+1) with overseas colleges where the qualifications are gained through an approved UK training centre, you would need to contact a UK college to discuss a potential partnership. For further information please refer to our education and training webpage 


Yacht and Small Vessel Engineer Course Approval

To gain approval for delivering deck yacht models that lead to a Certificate of Competence please refer to annex G of MSN 1858 

To gain approval for delivering small vessel engineering modules leading to the issuance of Certificate of Competence please refer to annex MIN 524