UK Ship Register Opens a Window on its Future at Shared Event

Published: 13/09/2017



The team from the UK Ship Register (UKSR) is preparing to open a window on its future at the London International Shipping Week (LISW) from 11th – 15th September, to show how it is working towards seeing more UK flags flying in ports across the world.


Meeting the challenge of doubling the tonnage from 15 million to 30 million tonnes as set down by the Maritime Growth Study remains a top priority, with the Shipping Minister John Hayes renewing his assertion that although it’s a challenge, he is determined it can be done.


Choice and flexibility for customers, no annual tonnage fees, new ways of working for Maritime and Coastguard Agency surveyors and plans to digitise many of the services are just some of the things that the UKSR will be discussing at the LISW as it works towards increasing the number of vessels registered in the UK.


The UKSR – which is a platinum sponsor of LISW 2017 – will also be giving opportunities with maritime industry leaders and other organisations across the week to talk about how work continues to implement the recommendations of the Maritime Growth Study.


One of the biggest events will be ‘Opening a Window on the Future’ being held at the Shard when the new UK Ship Register website  ( will be launched and a new film about the work of the UKSR will be shown for the first time.


Director of the UK Ship Register Doug Barrow said: ‘We’re taking the opportunity to open a window on the future of the UK Ship Register. We already know that we are a quality flag for quality owners and we’re proud of what we have and are achieving and we want the whole industry to know that.


‘We’ve listened and we know that owners want flexibility. Our Client Technical Managers as well as our Customer Account Managers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The MCA’s survey and inspection transformation programme has brought changes to the way we’re available to offer surveys and the Enhanced Authorisation Scheme means that for selected ships, more surveys and audits can be carried out by MCA-approved Recognised Organisations.


‘These are steps forward to the kind of flexibility that our customers asked for. This is the kind of flexibility we are able to offer. Where we will not compromise of course, is on our standards - those are high and will remain so.’


Shipping Minister John Hayes MP said: ‘For any leading maritime nation, its ship register has a special significance. I have personally backed the recommendations of the Maritime Growth Study and remain committed to seeing those being implemented, as many of them already have been.


‘We have a strong flag and an extraordinary maritime history. We’re proud of the UK Flag’s past but we’re equally proud of what we know we can achieve in the future.'


For more information go to the London International Shipping Week website -

The UK Ship Register: A window on the future at The Shard is an invitation-only event being held on 13th September.