UK Ranks 1st on Paris MOU Whitelist

Published: 01/07/2020

The United Kingdom is officially the highest performing Flag under the Paris MOU Port State Control regime.

In the Paris MoU Committee list published today (1 July 2020), the UK heads the White List which is based on the total number of inspections and detentions over a three-year rolling period for flags which have had at least 30 inspections in the period.

Katy Ware, director of maritime safety and standards, as well as being the UK’s Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization said it was good news for all those who had worked hard to maintain UK standards.

She said: “This shows that what you put in, you get out. We’ve worked with industry to improve those standards and our surveyors continue to apply them at high levels.

“It’s a great moment to see our name at the top of the list and we will continue to strive to make sure our standards remain at this same high level.’

Paris MOU performance list press release