New Registration

New Registration of a Part 1 Pleasure Vessel

For a first time registration on the UK Ship register the following documents will need to be submitted:

Application to register 

Registration fee

Declaration of eligibility 

The declaration of eligibility is to be completed in full and, the property in a ship is divided into 64 shares.

If none of the owners making up the majority interest is resident in the UK, a representative person must be appointed.

Certificate of incorporation (if applicable)

A certificate of incorporation must be included in your application if the registering owner is a registered company.

Bill of Sale or Builder’s Certificate

Both title documents must state full names and address. The buyers name and address must match the registered owners name and address on the declaration of eligibility. If you do not wish to declare the sum paid, ‘£1 and other considerations can be stated’

5 years title evidence is required to register a pleasure vessel. A vessel that is under 5 years old will require title from the builder’s certificate to the current bill of sale.

UK Certificate of Survey for tonnage and measurement – issued by a class/certifying authority  

All new registrations regardless of the size of the vessel will require a UK certificate of survey for tonnage and measurement issued with a 12 month period of the application to register. The survey must be completed by a surveyor from a certifying authority.

UK ITC ’69 - is required for all new registrations for vessel over 24m load line/registered length. The ITC must be completed by a surveyor from a certifying authority.

Once the application has been approved, the Carving and marking note will be issued, which will confirm the correct markings for the vessel. The carving and marking note will then need to be signed, dated and stamped by a recognised surveyor