UK Ship Register maintains US QUALSHIP 21 status

Published: 17/07/2020

The UK Ship Register has maintained its US QUALSHIP 21 status (Quality Shipping for the 21st Century). One of the world’s top standards, the US Coast Guard awards it to flag administrations and vessel owners that consistently demonstrate a commitment to quality and safety.

UK Flagged vessels have had an excellent record under US Port State Control with an impressive detention ratio of 0.4% over the last three years (2017-19), which has led to the Flag consistently retaining the status.

Commercial Director of the UK Ship Register, Dan Vivian said “We are proud be recognised by the US QUALSHIP 21 program as a consistently top performing International Ship Register. The standards for inclusion are strict and it is a demonstration of the high levels of safety ships on the UK Flag operate under.

“Results such as this are a collaborative effort. We’re delighted that we get to share this achievement with the owners, managers and crew operating UK Flagged vessels around the world.”

 UK Flagged ships with the status gain significant advantage when trading with the US, receiving certification and seeing a reduction in the number of port state control inspections in US Ports.

The QUALSHIP 21 status follows the UK’s recent ranking at number one on the Paris MoU Whitelist, demonstrating its commitment to safety and enhancing the reputation of those operating on the UK Flag worldwide.  


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