MCA renews its commitment to Sustainable Shipping and Celebrates World Maritime Day

Published: 24/09/2020

Today (24 September) we celebrate and renew our commitment to sustainable shipping for World Maritime Day. We’re proud to fly the flag of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) at our headquarters.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), alongside the International Maritime Organization, is committed to making shipping cleaner, safer and greener. Guided by Maritime 2050 and the Clean Maritime Plan, we’re already taking steps to secure a sustainable future for the industry.

Our Maritime Future Technologies team has recently been formed, to drive forward cutting-edge innovation in both emission reduction and autonomous vessels. They will help unpack the complex issues in the sector and gain critical insight so the UK fleet can advance forward with smart shipping technologies.

The importance of seafarers mental health and well-being is something that we will continue to work hard with industry to promote and support. This year we’ve released two Seafarer Wellbeing Guides to provide support to both seafarers and ship owners worldwide. The UK has been a driving force behind seafarer repatriation during recent months, hosting the virtual Maritime Summit on Crew Changes and recognising seafarers as key workers.

On our commitment to sustainable shipping, Katy Ware, Director of UK Maritime Services, and the UK’s Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization, said:

“A sustainable future for shipping means ensuring a safe environment for seafarers as well decreasing the industry’s impact on the planet. 

“It is our vision to be a proactive driving force for change to reach zero emission shipping and facilitate a technologically advanced and sustainable UK Fleet.

“UK vessels will continue to operate to high standards of safety. We want to ensure the UK is seen as a worldwide role model for seafarer welfare and can lead the way towards a globally sustainable maritime industry.”