Elements of regulation to be explored by Red Ensign Group Technical Forum

Elements of regulation to be explored by Red Ensign Group Technical Forum

Published: 09/10/2018

An ongoing commitment to pioneering technology, sharing resources and continuing improving the expertise it offers to the maritime world at large as well as its own members will be the focus of this week’s Red Ensign Group Technical Forum. 

The REG Technical Forum will be held in Southampton (UK) and includes delegates from the UK, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey . 

A new co-chair of the Forum, Greg Evans, global director for the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry will be alongside longstanding chair Richard Pellew, from the Maritime & Coastguard Agency. 

There will be updates on the Electronic Oil Record Book trial, a review of enhanced authorisation, technical interpretations and electronic certificates. 

The new Red Ensign Yacht Code which comes into force next January will also get its final sign off before going to the International Maritime Organization. 

Greg Evans said: ‘There are always tough conversations to be had in this forum. The REG has many different viewpoints but at heart has the same commitment to maritime standards.’ 

Richard Pellew said: ‘As the Red Ensign Group continues to push forward with pioneering the use of technology, many of the discussions between the REG experts in the room this week will not only benefit the members of the REG but to others in the wider maritime industry.’ 

The REG Technical Forum is being held on 9 and 10 October.