Coronavirus Contingency - Registration Services

Published: 25/03/2020

Plans are in place so ship owners can continue to use UK Ship Register registration services throughout the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

A Marine Information Notice (MIN 614) has been issued, offering guidance to Ship Owners on how to continue with their applications for registering, renewing registration or de-registering a vessel, as well as applying for Civil Liabilities Certificates and Continuous Synopsis Records.

Where possible, electronic copies of all documents (including application forms) should be emailed to the registration team – contact details can be found in MIN 614. Any documents that have already been sent by the post will still be received, however may incur a delay.  

The registration team will continue to process your applications and may issue electronic copies of the certificates with an accompanying letter of authentication signed by the Registrar General. Hard copy original certificates will follow in the post.

Ship Owners should read the full MIN 614 for guidance and before submitting any new applications.

This is an ongoing and changing situation, any revisions or updates will always be available on