Coronavirus Contingency Planning Seafarers (updated)

Published: 18/03/2020

UK Seafarer Services is currently processing certificates as usual however, it is advising that all seafarers take full and complete copies of any documents and applications sent to the MCA. In the event of severe disruption digital copies, providing the documents can be verified and authenticated, will be used to issue temporary certification for a duration of up to six months to enable seafarers to continue working. More guidance on temporary certification will be released should this disruption occur.

For the latest Maritime and Coastguard Agency guidance and information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Contingency Plan and Guidelines for the Services provided to seafarers, please use these links:

MIN 611 (M+F) Guidance and information to follow in the event of COVID-19 outbreak impacting UK seafarer services

Coronavirus (covid-19) contingency plan and guidelines for the services provided to seafarers and shipowners by the MCA

This is an ongoing and changing situation. Operators and Seafarers should make sure they are accessing the latest updates and guidance from The International Maritime Organization through their online media centre, available here: