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Newbuild standards fit for any flag

In today's environment of ever-improving safety standards, it is more important than ever to be able to provide independent, external assurance of regulatory compliance. Different flags have different requirements, creating challenges for yacht-builders. To guarantee the highest standards of safety, Ensign can oversee the build of a new yacht. A yacht built under our supervision will be fully compliant and allow the owner to be confident that their vessel meets all the applicable international maritime safety and environmental protection requirements.


How our service for newbuild yachts works

We will assign a Lead Surveyor to the project to provide a cohesive, informative process to full compliance. All our surveyors are highly trained and experienced yacht surveyors and are fully active MCA surveyors with the full support of the Agency and the UK Government behind them.

Upon satisfactory completion of the build, we will issue a Letter of Compliance stating that the yacht complies with the requirements of the Large Yacht Code. If the owner chooses to register with the UK Ship Register, we will issue a Certificate of Compliance. Alternatively, other flag administrations can also accept this letter as satisfactory evidence of compliance and issue full certification. 


A service for commercial operators and leisure yachts

Whether the yacht operates commercially or is privately registered, a Letter of Compliance from Ensign provides evidence to any interested party that the yacht has been built to the highest recognised international standards and can be accurately referred to as being MCA-compliant.


How to commission Ensign to support a newbuild project

Please complete an application for survey form and a yacht information sheet. You will also need to refer to our drawings list and division of responsibilities form. If you have any queries or wish to discuss the project initially, please contact a members of the team.