Frequently Asked Questions

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There are a number of questions that we are asked.  Below are the most common that we receive: 

How much does a survey cost?

Fees are based on an hourly rate of £160 per hour therefore the total cost is entirely dependent on the number of hours our surveyors need to spend on the project. More information is on our fees page or contact us.

Which surveys can Ensign carry out?

We carry out annual and renewal surveys of yachts over 24 metres in length flagged to the UK and registered as a commercial yacht.

We undertake flag-in surveys of any yacht over 24 metres and being registered as a commercial yacht.

We undertake code compliance surveys for any large yacht, regardless of flag state, and issue a letter of compliance on completion.

We oversee newbuild projects regardless of flag state and provide a fully customised service.

Do you undertake newbuild work?

Yes. We oversee newbuild projects whether the yacht is to be flagged to the UK or to any other flag state. We assign a lead Surveyor that oversees the project from start to finish.

Do you delegate work to class?

Yes. We delegate certain elements to Class, our division of responsibilities form, lists which aspects we take responsibility for and which we delegate to Class.

Unlike some flag states we do not delegate stability work, we have our own in house stability approval team.

I am changing from commercial to private registration, what happens to my Large Yacht Certificate?

A private or pleasure yacht does not have to hold or maintain a Large Yacht Certificate or undertake annual or renewal surveys. However it is recommended from a safety point of view and to maintain the resale value of the yacht should it be put up for sale.

It may also affect your insurance and we advise to check with them. Continuing with voluntary compliance also makes it easier to change back to commercial registration at a later date.